1.2 Discussion: How I Use Communication in My Everyday Life

Part 1

  1. Keep track of the forms of communication that you use over the course of a day. The forms f communication can be the following:
    • Intrapersonal Communication (communication with one’s self, self-talk)
    • Interpersonal Communication (communication between people)
    • Group Communication (communication between decision-making committees and work teams)
    • Public Communication (public speaking)
    • Organizational Communication (work-related communication within business entities)
    • Mass Communication (communication to large-scale audiences via print and electronic media)
    • Mediated Communication (communication via social media)
    • Intercultural Communication (communication within and between different cultural and social groups)
  2. Calculate the totals of each form of communication.
  3. Create a pie chart of your daily use of communication. You can Microsoft Excel or any program that you wish to create a simple pie chart.
  4. Take a picture of the pie chart and submit it to this discussion board.
  5. Answer the following questions with your pie chart submission:
    • Which forms of communication do you identify with the most? 
    • Which forms do you identify with the least?  Explain.


Part 2

  1. Respond to two classmates’ discussion board posts.

Discussion Board Posting Instructions

In order to successfully post to the Discussion Board and interact with your peers, refer to the following pages which contain step-by-step tutorials and discussion board guidelines.

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