4.1 Discussion: Working in Groups and Group Leadership


Many people cringe at the thought of group projects and presentations. It is often disconcerting to have to rely on others in the quest for a decent grade, work evaluation, or general positive outcome. Additionally, many of us struggle in group situations, as do those who have to delegate tasks when they would prefer to have a certain level of control. 

Understanding how groups interact and learning how to improve group communication skills can mean the difference between a successful group experience and an unsuccessful, unproductive, completely unpleasant experience (from Introduction to Human Communication, Beauchamp). 

Your Task (2 Parts)

Part 1

  1. Review the chapter
  2. Choose one of the following options and be sure to include at least one reference from the eTextbook or lecture notes to support your answers:
    • Option 1
      • What is the best or worst group experience you have ever had? 
      • After reviewing the chapters, to what can you attribute your experience? Please reference theories/concepts/terms from the chapter to support your ideas.
      • What could you have done to improve your experience with this group? Please reference theories/concepts/terms from the chapter to support your ideas.
    • Option 2
      • Have you ever held a leadership position in a group? What was it? 
      • What was your leadership style, and why did you choose this style? Please refer to the leadership styles discussed in the assigned chapter to explain your answer. 
      • How successful a leader do you think you were? Please explain.

Part 2

  1. Respond to two classmates’ discussion board posts.

Discussion Board Posting Instructions

In order to successfully post to the Discussion Board and interact with your peers, refer to the following pages which contain step-by-step tutorials and discussion board guidelines.

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