A+ Work

Lab 2 Exercises


You have been hired to create the logic for a program that produces a profit report for items sold by the WorldMart Co

Each input item provided to your program is characterized by the following details:


Retail price (the price paid by a regular customer)

Wholesale price (the price paid by the WorldMart Co.)

Your program will be used by a clerk that works for the WorldMart Co.

For each execution, your program generates a report for a variable number of items (that is, for one execution, the clerk may enter 20 items, or 50 items, etc.). To stop the execution of the program, you tell the clerk in charge of running your program to enter the word end for the name of the item.

Lab Activities

1. Use Visual Logic to create the logic of the program (50 points)

2. Use Notepad++ (*.txt file) to create the formal pseudocode (according to the syntax demonstrated in the book) for the logic of the program (Program Requirements At a minimum, the program must implement three modules For Visual Logic, the profit report must be displayed on the console Model your solutions after the examples contained in the book

Visual Logic – Output

Important Note

In Visual Logic is not possible to control the column alignment of the output values as it can be seen on the above picture. For that reason, your program must not exactly match the output shown on the picture, but be an approximation to it.



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