Abuse Paper

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  • elder abuse AND issue
  • partner abuse AND violence

Abuse Paper



  • Week 4 Electronic Reserve Readings
  • elder abuse AND issue
  • partner abuse AND violence
  • Many defenseless members of society are abused. We have examined abuse directed at children; however, other victimized individuals from specific populations are mistreated.

    Refer to this week’s videos and readings.

    Write a 1,200- to 1,450-word paper discussing the following:

    • What issues are associated with intimate partner abuse? How have these issues changed in recent times?
    • What role does the criminal justice system play in protecting abuse toward partners?
    • Why do you believe elder abuse exists? Explain the extent of abuse, types, and theories associated with elder abuse.
    • Describe types of victimization special populations experience in society.

    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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