AHS 436— Developmental Stages Application

Answer the following by using supporting material from the development classes you have had in the past.  Note the following:

  • All submissions must be typed.
  • Enter all of your work in this document (i.e. no attachments).
  • All submissions must be free of more than 3 grammatical/mechanical errors to avoid losing points.
  • Answer each section thoroughly, with high quality responses.
  • The grading rubric is at the end of the document.


Step 1.

Select an age in this category for this developmental stage and note it here. _____

What developmental milestones are unique to this developmental stage (social, emotional, physical, and cognitive)?  Address them by area—cognitive, physical, social, and emotional, and provide 2-3 milestones for each area.  What are the implications of these milestones for parents? Here you are going to tell me actions parents can take to assist in the development of their adolescent as it relates to the milestone you are discussing. Be clear. (10 points; use bullet points for ease in reading)

Developmental Milestones Parental Implications
1.      Physical


2.      Social


3.      Emotional


4.      Cognitive



Step 2.

Based on the milestones you selected for #1, and using the appropriate developmental assets from the Search Institute, list at least three potential topics for parent education classes, and link them to the appropriate developmental assets. Be clear in how this topic would address the milestone.  (10 points; use bullet points for ease of reading).  You must use a combination of internal and external assets.





Milestone you are using for your topics:____________________________________________


Topic/Title Linked to Asset Name & Number











Step 3:

Create a tweet about adolescent Asset Development.  For this part of the assignment, address only one milestone and connect Assets to that one milestone.  Identify (briefly!) what Assets are; you might want to consult Search-Institute.org for concise language.


You will first need to develop your Twitter handle.  Remember that you are a professional, and will want to identify yourself as a Family Life Educator.  Then write your tweet; there is a limit of 280 characters for a tweet; if you want to tweet twice, you can use up to 560 characters.  You may choose to develop one or two tweets, but not more than two.  If you choose to do a second tweet, it does not have to be the full 280 characters. You will lose points if your tweet(s) don’t adhere to the character limits.


Please include your tweet in this document.  You will not need to submit two separate items for this assignment.


This link will guide you in developing your Twitter handle:




Here are some links for more information about Twitter:










Enter your Information here:_____________________________________________________


Twitter handle:













































Content Not evident/not present Insufficient Sufficient Well Done
Step 1

1 milestone present for each area, less the 3 grammatical/mechanical errors

0 points 5 points 8 points 10 points
Step 2

Topics are appropriate for the milestone and clear in how they related to assets; assets + number listed, less than 3 grammatical mechanical errors

0 points  6 points 9 points 10 points
Step 3

Twitter handle is connected to Family Life Education.  Tweet(s) do not exceed the character limits.  One milestone addressed, connected to Asset Development.

0 points 5 points 10 points 15 points
Total       35 points



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