Assignment: Discussion Board #9

Week of Apr 18-24

Assignment: Journal Entry #5: Ethics (Due by Apr 22 @ midnight)

THEME #6: Summation

Week of Apr 25-May1

Module 10:

Summary: the breaking of the Classical canon; modern attitudes and Classicism; the rise of France as an intellectual power in the arts and summary of trends; architectural theory of the late 1600s and early 1700s; the extremes of character and summary of theory of the 1700s; the rise of Gothic as key role in shift from imitation to imagination; the search for a new style; the blurring of art and everyday life; the machine as the source for a new style; the universal as a pursuit of the modern; intellectualization and alienation in the modern metropolis; architectural reactions to concepts of reality – universalism, four- dimensional space, self-referential object, social awareness, and the rise of theory; discourse and disciplines

Readings: Bryant, “Timely untimeliness, Architectural modernism and the idea of the Gesamtkunstwerk” in Tracing Modernity, 156-172

Mitrović, Philosophy for Architects, 189-191

Leach, “Seduction, the Last Resort” in The Anaesthetics of Architecture, 71-88

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