Analyzing Port Transportation Planning, Resilience, And Infrastructure Annotated Bibliograph

Analyzing Port Transportation Planning, Resilience, and Infrastructure
Annotated Bibliography
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). (2007). The transportation planning process: Key issues – A briefing book for transportation decision-makers, officials, and staff.
Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Transportation, FHWA, Transportation Planning Capacity Building Program. Retrieved February 15, 2016, from This document provides transportation service providers, planning board members, decision-makers of transportation services, and government officials with an insight to transportation planning. It consists of a primary understanding of crucial concepts in metropolitan and statewide transportation planning, in addition to references for other preliminary information. The book has been updated to indicate legislative changes that influence requirements for metropolitan and statewide transportation planning. The report is important because it also highlights policies and recommendations to improve overall performance, reliability, security, safety, and quality of the critical cargo transportation equipment today and in the future. several sources have been used in this article to prove that extensive research was conducted to come up with the findings and recommendations.

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