Art Homework Paragraph#1

art homework 


 The first paragraph should begin with an adequate introduction explaining the where, when, why and who information. This 

introduction allows you to introduce the artist and the reasons as to why you chose this artist to the reader of the critique. This 

paragraph should describe the piece of artwork that you are attempting to critique. This includes: subject matter, title, artist, 

formal qualities (color, size, composition, style, etc.) and medium. Try your best to explain everything that you see. Imagine that 

the reader has no idea what the piece looks like and you are giving him a mental image. Only factual information should be in 

this paragraph, all other information should be left for the second and third paragraphs.

Paragraph #2

 Attempt to explain symbols and metaphors present in the piece in an effort to interpret iconography.  Once all pertinent symbols 

and icons have been interpreted, you should assemble the concepts described into a reasonable assessment of the works content.  

If you put together the information assessed from the iconography and the content is contradictory to the individual interpreted 

imagery, then it will be necessary to give a brief understanding of the works context.  This will aid in understanding why the 

artist put specific images into the work of art. All information should be written as an attempt to assess the visual information 

that the artist is offering. This paragraph should not be used as an opportunity to voice your personal opinion about the artwork. 

Your personal opinion will be expressed in the third paragraph. This paragraph is strictly built to give meaning to the imagery 

that is present.

Paragraph #3

 This paragraph will allow you to express your personal opinion about the images shown. You will need to express the aesthetic 

appeal. Answer the question; “What is the artist attempting to say to me as an individual”. Express how the piece makes you feel 

and what connects you to what is being communicated. Once you have assessed your personal opinion about the piece, then you 

will need to assess whether the piece is successful or unsuccessful. You do this be explaining what you have attempted to do, and 

if the art piece itself has allowed you to understand it. Once you assess whether it is successful or not, you will need to write an 

adequate conclusion explaining your attempt and whether you were able to do what was necessary to assess the artwork.

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