Article Review/ Reflection

Description: Professionals read and keep current in their fields by reading journal articles and

relating them to their practice.

Directions: The student will select, read, and review ONE peer-reviewed journal article that

relates to a major topic covered in the course competencies and specific topics from our

textbook for EDF 1005. This includes curriculum, assessment, history, finance, ethics, or


1. Select ONE-PEER-REVIEWED  journal article written within the past FIVE YEARS that discusses a

major topic covered in Education 1005.

2. The article must be a minimum of three 3 PAGES in length excluding cover and reference


3. Include the following in a summary/reflection:

• Write a summary of the article it has to be 1 page or a page in a half, and has to be citied with a minimum of 3 citied. Which means that you have to make sure the information that was gather in your summary is actually being citied with the actual article.   

• Write your opinion of the article’s viewpoint, has to be a page. SUPPORT YOUR OPNION with the article. 

Support your viewpoint with citations

from the article and course textbook.

• Include how the article relates to our readings and discussions in EDF 1005.


5. Use APA format to cite any ideas and reflections in your summary/reflection that are

represented in the article. 

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