Assignment 2

This discussion is expected to focus on the following questions on technological and organizational changes. Pick any three of the following six questions and answer it completely. You submission should be a minimum 750 in total.  Hint: in Word, Review tab, Proofing Group, then Word Count to see how many words.

  1. What apparent changes have you noticed in McDonald’s restaurants over the last few years? What changes did McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook make to the company behind closed doors? How are these two types of changes related to each other?
  2. What are the major drivers for McDonald’s recent changes, externally and internally?
  3. In your opinion, are the technological changes to McDonald’s necessary? What could happen if McDonald’s decided to keep its status quo without all these changes instead?
  4. How did the CEO and management at McDonald’s carry out and reinforce the changes and make them sustainable?
  5. What resistance did McDonald’s experience over the changes? How did the CEO and the company deal with the resistance?
  6. Overall, do you think McDonald’s technological and organizational changes over the years are successful? What evidence from the article can support your argument?



This task is worth 30 point and will be evaluated as met or not met based on your successful completion of the assignment requirements:
• Question Choice 1 (10 pts)
• Question Choice 2 (10 pts)
• Question Choice 3 (10 pts)
• All posts reflect careful thought and concentrated effort.

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