Assignment 2: Development and Application of Open-Ended Interview Questions, Expert Panel Review, an

In this assignment, you will apply the chosen topics of your interest and a qualitative methodology (case study, phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography, or narrative approaches). For this, you need to use a list of open-ended interview questions with Socratic follow-up options that will provide the required data in thematic codes using the NVivo qualitative software.


Write 3  open-ended research questions with 3  open-ended interview questions for each research question. Usually, these research questions will focus on perceptions and descriptions.

For each interview question, include approximately 3 Socratic follow-up questions (applicable to any interview question) to elicit responses that can be evaluated and coded. After receiving feedback from the instructor regarding the alignment of the interview questions to the specific questions, conduct an interview with a person (any one of your colleagues, peers, friends, or family members) who fits the population you have selected to work with in the proposed research study of your choice. Take the interview questions to the interview and record the interview with permission.

After completing the interview, transcribe the interview verbatim. A copy of this transcript (a written copy of a taped interview) should be included in the assignment for data analysis using the NVivo software.

Now, write a paper that includes the following:

·         An introduction outlining the topic and proposed qualitative methodology.

·         The 3 open-ended research questions, each with 3 open-ended interview questions, each, in turn, with 3  Socratic follow-up questions.

·         If applicable, include research questions that could be answered using methods other than interviews. Discuss the other methods that will be used to collect data. These sources are mandatory if the proposed qualitative methodology is a case study or grounded theory (observation notes or focus group interview questions). This is a standard section of chapter 3 in dissertation research studies.

·         Validation procedures such as an expert panel review detailing the procedures (this will accompany the data collection and will be referenced as Appendix B in your dissertation prospectus or dissertation proposal or dissertation.

·         A transcript (a written copy of a taped interview) for data analysis using the NVivo software.


Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Completed appropriate interview questions related to the proposed qualitative methodology and topic of interest. Included approximately 3–5 open-ended research questions with 3–5 open-ended interview questions per research question related to the proposed qualitative methodology and the topic of interest. Included two other sources for case study methods, grounded theory, and ethnography (observation notes or focus group interview questions).


Specified validation procedures (expert panel review or other).


Wrote a transcript or transcription (a written copy of a taped interview) for data analysis using the NVivo software.


Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and used accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation, and APA format.







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