Assignment 2 Principles of Management MNGT 201

Assignment 2
Principles of Management MNGT 201(10 points)

This is an individual. Deadline is 29/4/2016. Each learner should select one of the companies in your
industry and answer the 4 items below.

Do not forget to:

– Provide cover page with the title of the company chosen, name, ID and section 1 mark
– For this exercise you are encouraged to use information from articles and company annual
reports. (cite the references at the end) The answers should be as specific as possible.

1. What is the Mission of your company of choice? A mission statement is likely to include such things
as the scope of operations (worldwide), customers, markets, philosophy, vision for future, technology, concern
for survival and growth, dedication to stakeholders (customers, employees, community). Some firms will
have this information written out, while others may infer these things. (2 marks)

2. What are the overall objectives of the company? Possible objectives include profitability, Return on
Investment, Return on Assets, cash flow, market share, market rank, financial health, cost efficiency, product
quality, innovation, social responsibility, etc. (2 marks)

3. What strategies seem to be guiding the overall direction of the company? There may be multiple
strategies. Find the specific wording and make this as detailed as you can. Possible strategies include
Intensive strategies such as horizontal and vertical integration, market penetration, market development,
product development; Stability strategies, no change strategy, retrenchment strategies such as downsizing,
outsourcing, divestiture, bankruptcy: (2.5 marks)

4. The organizational chart of the company and state what type of organizational structure
is it? (2.5 marks)

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