Assignment 5

Access the Sample Action Research Report 1: Effect of Technology in Enthusiasm for Learning Science.

As shared in Chapter 9 of Action Research: A Guide for the Teacher Researcher, “To evaluate a research study competently, you must have knowledge of each component of the research process(p. 215). Considering all that you have learned and practiced up to this point, you will apply criteria for evaluating action research to the sample action research report provided above. In a Word document, discuss and justify the following:

Part One:
1. Area of focus
o Identify the area of focus. Does it involve teaching and learning?
2. Research questions
o Identify the research question(s). Does the researcher state questions that were answerable given the researcher’s expertise, time, and resources?
3. Locus of control
o Identify the locus of control. Was the area of focus within the researcher’s locus of control?
4. Data collection
o Briefly describe the data collection techniques. Did the researcher use appropriate data collection techniques (qualitative and/or quantitative) to answer the study’s research questions?
5. Ethics
o Did the researcher face any ethical challenges? If so, how were they resolved?
6. Reflective stance
o In what ways has the action research effort contributed to the researcher’s reflective stance on the ways teaching and learning are viewed?
7. Action
o Did the outcomes of the study lead to action?
8. Action-data connection
o How is the proposed action connected to the study’s data analysis and interpretation?
Part Two: Self-Reflection (one to two paragraphs, first-person verbiage allowable)
Describe any take-aways from this study and the process of evaluating it. What insight did this researcher give you indirectly regarding the process of action research? What will you take away from this process to apply to your final project

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