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The homework for Chapter 3 is to respond to questions 1 and 5 in the Organizational Behavior in Action Case Study:  Sergio Marchionne Undertakes Major Strategic and Culture Change at Chrysler Group.

1.  What are the observable artifacts, espoused values, and basic assumptions associated with Chrysler’s culture?  Explain.

5.  Which of the mechanisms for changing organizational culture did Mr. Marchionne use at Chrysler?  Explain.


The homework for chapter 6 is  to respond to #2 of the Organizational Behavior in Action Case Study:  Companies are Trying to Improve Employee Attitudes during the Recession.

2.  How would you describe Steve Ellis’s affective, cognitive, and behavioral components of his attitude toward managing in a recession?  Be specific.


Please just use Attachments to answer questions. 

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