Beauty as effect; redefined as pleasure

Assignment: Discussion Board #7

Week of Mar 28-Apr 3

Module 8: Beauty: Beauty as effect; redefined as pleasure, pleasure is the great, the uncommon and the beautiful (1800s); the Sublime and its association with beauty through delight; character; Kant and judgment – taste, interest and disinterest; Hegel and the intellectualization of art; the effect of modernity on the concept of beauty; Baudelaire and the duality of beauty as permanent and transitory – fashion, morals and spirituality; the machine aesthetic, elimination of ornamentation; rationalization and intellectualization of experience – novelty and image; art as an act of expression; the merging art with everyday life

Readings: Mitrović, Philosophy for Architects, 84-87

Bo-Rygg, “What Modernism Was” in Tracing Modernity, 23-41

Baudelaire, “from The Painter of Modern Life” in Modernism, An Anthology of Sources and Documents, 102-109

Simmel, “from The “Metropolis and Mental Life in Modernism, An Anthology of Sources and Documents, 151-60

Leach, “The Architect as Fascist” in The Anaesthetics of Architecture, 17-32

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