Best practices for working with HR including management approaches

For human resources (HR) departments to be successful, management must accept the role of HR departments and be willing to work cohesively. For this assignment, assume you are part of a management team for a large health care organization. You have been tasked with developing a presentation for all department heads on how to best use the services of the HR department to improve employee performance, retention, and quality care. You have been asked to develop a 10–15-slide PowerPoint presentation on the following:

  1. The role of HR in a health care setting (1–2 slides)
  2. The services that benefit retention, including recruitment, employee satisfaction, and employee enhancement (2–3 slides)
  3. Training and staff development needs (2–3 slides)
  4. Best practices for working with HR including management approaches (2–3 slides)
  5. The benefits of HR in compliance, such as ensuring employees maintain credentials and required licenses (2–3 slides)
  6. Other benefits of HR and a summary (1–2 slides)
  7. Reference slide with APA-formatted references

Requirements: The presentation must be 10–15 slides. Slides should have 4–5 short-sentence bullet points each summarizing the key concepts. Presenter notes are not required. All images, graphs, charts, or data need citations on the slide (author, year). The presentation must have at least 4 academic or professional peer-reviewed sources published within the past 5 years. The presentation must have a reference slide at the end.

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