BMIS 320 (Research Paper)


You will complete two (2) research papers. Please reference the grading rubric to make sure you meet the deliverables of each research paper. 

For each paper, you will select one (1) key term from the end of the textbook that is relevant today and write a minimum 5-page research paper on the topic.  The key term should be narrow in scope but not so constricted that at least five (5) scholarly research articles do not exist pertaining to the exact topic.  An example of a topic that is too general is “memory”.  Be specific on the type of memory, as there is a broad range within this hemisphere of research.

At the minimum, the following deliverables and headings should be present:

1) *Title Page

2) *Abstract

3) Introduction

4) Review of Related Literature

5) Conclusion

6) Recommendations

7) *References Page

*NOTE: Those headings preceded by an abstract do not count toward the 5-page minimum length requirement

Within the 5-page minimum, include an introduction, review of related literature, conclusion, and recommendations.  The review of related literature should be a minimum of three (3) full pages.  Final recommendations are the only location within the research paper where the author’s personal opinion can be present.  However, the author’s opinion within the recommendations section should be supported by scholarly research.

The 5-page minimum includes normal complete, full paragraphs of written work.  It EXCLUDES title, abstract, and references pages and any figures, tables, diagrams, pictures, or bulleted lists.  Original thought and analysis on the topic is required.  In other words, do not simply summarize or rephrase what is already known. 

Each paper must be supported by a minimum of 5 scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles.  The paper should follow 6th edition APA format, use third person professional voice, and must be submitted via SafeAssign

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