Building Vocabulary for ELLs in the Pre-production and Early Production Stages


From your required reading and other sources, write a 500-750 word persuasive essay to your fellow teachers describing the benefits of strategies that encourage vocabulary development within the pre-production and early production stages of language acquisition. These strategies should transcend all content areas. Describe the Silent Period and how it affects vocabulary development. How could this be accounted for within your teaching?


 Required Readings and Resources:


1. Pre-production and the Silent Period


Read “Pre-production and the Silent Period” by Haynes, located on the Everything ESL website.




2. Stages of Second Language Acquisition


Read “Stages of Second Language Acquisition,” by Haynes, from the EverythingESL website.




3. The Silent Period Hypothesis


Read “The Silent Period Hypothesis” by Tomioka, located on Tomioka website.


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