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FunTown is a popular amusement park filled with roller coasters, games, and water features. Boasting 24 roller coasters, 10 of which exceed 200 feet and 70 miles per hour, and five water parks, the park’s attendance remains steady throughout the season. Due to the park’s popularity, it is not uncommon for entrance lines to exceed one hour on busy days. FunTown would like your help to find a solution to decrease park entrance lines.

FunTown would like to implement a handheld scanner system that can allow employees to walk around the front gates and accept credit card purchases and print tickets on the spot. The park anticipates an overall increase in sales of 4 percent per year with online ticketing, with an expense of 6 percent of total sales for the scanning equipment.

Please use the data file that FunTown has provided, that compares scanning sales and traditional sales. You will need to create the necessary formulas to calculate all the assumptions including:

  • Tickets sold at the booth.
  • Tickets sold by the scanner.
  • Revenues generated by booth sales.
  • Revenues generated by scanner sales.
  • Scanner ticket expense.
  • Revenue with and without scanner sales.
  • Three year row totals.

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