Chicana Studies

T/F  & Multiple Choice (T=A, F=B)

1. Mesoamerica consists of all of present-day Mexico. (T/F)

2. The huehuetl and the teponaztli are two Pre-Cuauhtemoc period instruments. (T/F)

3.The son mexicano  was,  in  fact, imported  from Spain. (T/F)

4.     Golpes, redobles and  apagones are types of________________.

(a) bass runs   (b) vocal techniques   (c) rhythmic techniques

5.     ______________refers to the shifting of rhythmic accents.

(a) Improvisation        (b) Zapateado (c) Syncopation  (d) a&b

6.     Hidalgo,  San Luis Potosí  and____________are  part of La Huasteca.

(a) Mexico City          (b) northern Veracruz               (c) Jalisco

7.     The huapanguera and________________are two huasteco rhythm instruments.

(a) jarana huasteca    (b) requinto    (c) violin         (d) harp

8.     The _______________is the most important rhythmic technique of the son huasteco.

(a) redoble      (b) rasgueo     (c) falsete        (d) apagón

9.     The falsete is the huasteco style of singing(T/F).

10.  he term,____________,is synonymous with son  huasteco.

(a) apagón      (b) huapango  (c) huapanguera         (d) jarocho

11.  The taconeo and guachapeado are  the same thing. (T/F)

12.   Rolando Hernández is a huasteco violinist. (T/F)

13.  The son jarocho is native to__________________.

(a) Jalisco       (b) Querétaro  (c) Hidalgo     (d) southern Veracruz

14.  The_______________ is the most  fundamental jarocho instrument.

(a) harp           (b) requinto    (c) guitar         (d) jarana jarocha

15.  Andrés Huesca founded the group known as __________________.

(a) Trió Chicontepec (b) Conjunto Medellín (c) Los Costeños

16.  Lino Chávez is considered to be a master jarocho harpist. (T/F)

17.  Mario_____________is  a legendary  jarocho dancer.

(a) Barradas    (b) Cabrera     (c) Chávez

18.  The copla  and the décima  are one in the same. (T/F)

19.  Jalisco is exclusively the birthplace of the son de mariachi and mariachi group. (T/F)

20.   Silvestre Vargas was a leading figure of the urban mariachi movement. (T/F)

21.  The guitarrón and_______________ are the two most important  mariachi instruments.

(a) guitar         (b) violin         (c) trumpet      (d) vihuela

22.   The trumpet has always been a part of the mariachi ensemble. (T/F)

23. The golpe and  the____________ are the most characteristic  rhythmic  features of the son de mariachi.

(a) apagón      (b) rasgueo     (c) redoble      (d) floreo

24.Rural mariachi ensembles have typically made use of the trumpet.(T/F)

25.  Mariachi Vargas de  Tecalitlán  and_______________________are two leading mariachi  ensembles.

(a) Los Costeños         (b) Mariachi Los Camperos   (c) Trío Chicontepec

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