write 3-5 paragraphs per question about the history of modern China? Please see attached file.

Please write 3 to 5 paragraphs per question. (There are five of them) It must be specific based on

historical facts and your opinions on questions too. I do not need any citation or quotation. Please

take a look The search for modern China by Spence.

1. One part of China’s 20th century story is the massive expansion of the bureaucracy

from the end of the Qing to the end of the century. What did the bureaucracy look like

at the end of the Qing? What new functions did the state take over in the Republican

Period? In the PRC? Your answer should explore the level of penetration into society

(for example, county, village, individual, etc.) and the organization of the bureaucracy

(party, state, military, ministries) as well as state functions (i.e. economic planning,

population management). What does this expansion mean for the state and its

citizens? How does the PRC state reconstitute its relationship with the Chinese

people across time (i.e. across key dates such as 1949, 1979, 1989 and so forth)?

2. For the first decade of CCP government after 1949, the state pursued policies of

“socialism” (as opposed to “new democracy”) and collectivization. What did this look

like in rural and urban areas? How did the new regime remake China’s economy and

society in the 1950s? Please consider the collectivization of industrial enterprises as

well as agricultural production. After 1979, Deng Xiaoping introduced the

mechanisms of the market and began the difficult process of de-collectivization. What

did this look like in rural and urban areas in the 1980s? What problems were/are

there in the process? Please take into account issues of economic growth as well as

social equity.

3. All of the features of Mao’s political thinking and strategy, one might argue, might be

found in his essay “Report on the Hunan Peasant Movement (1927).” Describe how

the PRC sought to institutionalize or deploy the logic of the “Report” during the years

1949-1976. Do you find resonance of Mao’s early declarations, for instance, in the

slogans of the Cultural Revolution? What were the relevant policies, campaigns, and

legislations concerning marriage, property ownership, worship, or cultural and

economic hierarchies instituted after 1949 that might have impacted upon traditional

(pre-1927) conceptions of village society and its power relationships? Please draw on

your readings of Mao, Mittler, and Spence to trace the trajectories.

4. Did Deng Xiaoping initiate a new regime to rectify the Maoist legacies? Or did he call

on Mao to ensure the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party? How did Deng

engineer the political transition between the death of Mao and the rise of “Four

Modernizations”? What was the significance of Deng’s “opening-up” to the United

States? In what way did Deng’s turn to the West impact upon the everyday life of

people on the street, including women in Shanghai in the 1990s? Please analyze and


5. Please connect the dots among the following terms: special economic zones, the

Pudong development project, June 1989, “Chongqing Model,” overseas Chinese

capital investment in China, corruption, regional disparities between coastal and

inland China, spatial disparities between the country and the city, gender disparities

between men and women, floating population, middle-class urban China. Please

choose at least 4 “dots” for your answer. Is China ready to lead the world in the 21st

century? Will the rise of China lead to a reconstitution of the global order? Please

state your case one way or the other. If it is/does then what are the problems and

why? If not then why not? What are China’s problems and what does it take to

sustain its rise?

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