closing material loops

Description: Write a short essay describing how materials loops might be closed with respect to an assigned group of materials. The essay should be two pages single-spaced, Time New Roman font 12, with 1″ margins. The essay should be structured to include the flowing topics:

Where does the material appear in building systems?

Identify typical applications of a given material, where and when it used, and how it is installed. Is the material durable? Is it a green choice as compared with alternatives?

How might this material be designed for deconstruction?

Is there any way to install this material such that it can be easily disassembled? Is deconstruction a viable option? Are there any options for reuse?

How might the material be recycled?

Are there any options for recycling? What type of products might be produced during the recycling of this material?

Composting, Incineration, Energy Recovery

Can the material be composted, incinerated, or used in some manner to recover energy? Does the material contain any toxic substances, or is it relatively innocuous?

Close the Loop

What is your suggested best practice for closing the materials loop with this particular material? How would you reduce, reuse or recycle to maximize its use and minimize its impact?

Due April 27, 2011

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