Common Conditions That Impact Speech and Language

hrough education and a greater awareness about communication disorders, early childhood professionals, parents, and other important adults in children’s lives can have a positive influence on children’s language development. The place to start is always with solid information from reliable sources.

The following Web sites are all sources on specific types of conditions that impact speech and language. Use these resources to become familiar with at least two types of conditions that impact speech and language:



Then, choose one that interests you most and respond to this week’s Discussion prompt.

By Day 3:

Post the following:


  • Describe the condition or disorder, how it affects children’s speech and/or language, and possible symptoms or warning signs.
  • Based on what you have learned, present at least two ideas or suggestions you would give to a child’s parents and/or early childhood teacher for effective ways to help a child. Cite references for your information and ideas.

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