Creativity: A Multicultural View

You are an early childhood educator in a large, multicultural, urban school for children in kindergarten through first grade. Your director has asked you to manage the school’s winter holiday activities and make it a multi-cultural holiday celebration rather than the usual Christmas program. Share your ideas with the other staff members who will be involved.

Include the following:
•    Ways to involve each age group in meaningful activities throughout the holiday season. Use the Multicultural Curriculum Planning Form (figure 25–1) in Chapter 25 of your text to consider a variety of ways to integrate celebration activities in the normal school day
•    Suggested creative arts activities based on developmentally appropriate practices, cultural backgrounds, and the diverse needs of the children
•    A multi-cultural holiday celebration development or implementation plan

To plan for this meeting, think about the approaches to multicultural education presented in this unit as best practices. They are quite different from the standard activities often used like school-wide programs, plays, and festivals.

Finally, share three multicultural resources that you think are the best support for the multi-cultural celebration including any resource from this course.

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