Critial Thingking Key Terms

Question 6

  1. A.The tendency to view all things from one’s own perspective, even when there is evidence against one’s position.B.Thinking for oneself rather than uncritically accepting the views of others.C.Striving to create disciplined thinking as well as holding oneself to the same standards that one holds others to.D.The failure to hold oneself to the same intellectual standards that one holds others to.E.The tendency to passively accept the views of others and agree with mass positions on issues.F.The fear of considering ideas that do not match our own.G.The art of thinking about one’s thinking with the goal of improving thinking.H.The tendency to think that the world is a better place when people learn to think for themselves, when they draw reasonable conclusions, and when they think logically.I.Awareness of the limits of human knowledge and a special focus on being aware of situations in which one is likely to be self-deceived due to native egocentrism.J.The tendency to give up the search for truth or understanding when difficult circumstances arise.K.The ability to push on in the face of intellectual adversity in order to understand more about the truth of an issue or idea.L.The willingness to face ideas and positions on issues that directly threaten our own ideas and beliefs.M.The tendency of the human mind to think that it knows more than it does, or that is in possession of the TRUTH.N.The tendency to feel threatened by logical thinking and scientific explanation, often the result of fear or the pain involved in analyzing one’s beliefs.O.The tendency to ignore other people’s ideas, thought, and feelings because their ideas do not address that with which one is interested.


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