Current Event assignment

Current Event assignments are designed to give you an opportunity to critically examine contemporary Homeland Security issues. You are challenged to find news articles,press releases, industry announcements, etc. that impact some aspect of Homeland Security. National and international events may be used. 

There is 2 Page length requirement to a Current Event assignment.  At minimum, each must include a Summary of the Event (with citation), the perceived impact of the event on the Homeland Security landscape, and your opinion of the event, including defense of your opinion.  

Paper Submission Requirements:


  • Your response should be 2 pages in length (double spaced).
  • Paper must include a “reference page” not included in the 4 page minimum.
  • Use APA format.


  • A new piece of legislation passed, refused, or currently being debated by Congress, impacting DHS  
  • A security company announcing release of a new product or tool designed to protect people or property (e.g. new scanners at the airport)
  • A terrorist event happens here or abroad, and the response to it. Please limit this to recent incidents (less than 1 year), but can include incidents or thwarted attacks still being discussed and debated in the media.


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