DB 1-2

250 word minumum. Must use textbook: Jandt, Fred E. (editor) Intercultural Communication: A Global Reader. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 2004 and cite in MLA format.


Required readings:



“Decoding Domination, Encoding Self-Determination: Intercultural Communication Research Processes,” Jandt and Tanno, Jandt pages 205-220


“Gender Differences in Communication: An Intercultural Experience,” Mulvaney, Jandt pages 221-229


In the readings their are three perspectives on the theme of identity, and how the individual fits within the whole of society. Power-relations is one of the over-arching themes in all three articles. What are the similarities and differences between these perspectives, and which, if any, rings true to you? If you do not agree with any of the perspectives, explain why.

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