DB 3-1

250 word minumum. Must use textbook Jandt, Fred E. (editor) Intercultural Communication: A Global Reader. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 2004 and cite in MLA rormat.


Required readings:


“Human Factors on the Flight Deck: The Influence of National Culture,” Merritt and Helmreich, Jandt pages 13-27
“What is the Basis of American Culture,” Aldridge, Jandt pages 84-98


There are two perspectives of the American culture: Merrit and Helmreich compare cultural behavior of Americans in the flight industry with that of Asians, and Aldridge looks at the history and components of American culture. How do these two perspectives compare? Is there truth in both perspectives? Are there errors in either perspective? Do you see any strengths or weaknesses in either perspective? That is, are there strength or weaknesses in either of the arguments? Are there strengths or weaknesses in any of the results of the arguments? Please elaborate on your claims.

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