For this assignment, you will create two memes and write at least three (3) paragraphs in which you discuss your process in creating those memes. The memes will be created to make an argument or claim about a topic of your choosing. There is no penalty for exceeding the minimum length requirement.

You will start by choosing a topic or issue that is related to your major, career, or professional interests and one that is interesting and important to you. EXAMPLE: An El Ed major might choose the issue of standardized testing.

Your first step toward writing this paper will be to think of an argument or claim you would like to make about the issue you have chosen.  EXAMPLE: That student might claim that standardized testing is ineffective or should be eliminated.

Then, using an online meme generator of your choosing (simply Google “online meme generator,” and many websites will come up), you will develop two different memes that convey your argument or claim about that issue. One will be for an audience of the general public, and one will be for an audience of those in your field of study or work. As you create them, think about the difference in tone, language, image, and appeal you can use to most effectively reach these two different audiences. You may use original photos or common meme images, but you must write your own text for both memes.

While research papers and other essays allow you to write as much as you need to to prove your point, the challenge with creating memes is to convey your argument as concisely as possible. You need to think of how you can make your argument about this issue using only a few words and relying heavily on the rhetorical appeals you have learned about. For instance, in the place of telling a long story to try to evoke emotion in your audience, you can choose an emotional photo to use as the basis of your meme.

After creating your memes, you should write a DB Post which will address the following:

  • ONE PARAGRAPH about how and why you chose your issue (how it relates to your major, career, or professional interests)
  • And then ONE PARAGRAPH for each of the two memes discussing your process of developing your memes (consideration of audience, development of tone, choice of image and language, use of appeals, etc.).

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