Describe you pre-departure and in-country training for Mark and his family · Repatriation

You will put together a complete IHRM Plan using your assignments.
Continuing with the Mark Anderson scenario, you should include the following:
· Introduction
o Introduce your medium-sized consumer products company (product, headquarters location, subsidiary location, employees, etc.).
o Any information you feel is necessary to introduce your project and plan.
· Organizational Structure
o Describe your company’s organizational structure
· Global or Local
o Describe your company’s host-country HRM practices
· Training
o Describe you pre-departure and in-country training for Mark and his family
· Repatriation
o Describe your repatriation program, compensation and returning position for Mark
· Performance Appraisal
o Describe an appropriate performance appraisal for Mark at the end of his assignment
· Conclusion
o Wrap up your plan
Papers should be

  • 10 pages in length (this does not including title and reference pages)
  • Reflect proper APA guidelines
    • title page
    • reference page
    • in-text citations
  • A minimum of five references are required.

All papers will be graded for content, clarity, grammar/spelling, and appropriate use of APA formatting guidelines.

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