Discussion Blog #10

This blog post is about running for local office, as profiled in the recent assigned readings.  Let’s assume you are interested in running for state representative in your hometown.  You have no political experience and the seat you seek is an “open seat.”

For this blog post first identify your hometown and county.  Then, outline a campaign strategy appropriate for a state representative race that will prove successful in your hometown and county.  Your plan should be unique and detailed, specifying appropriate strategies that fit the political nature, geography, culture, and economic entities of your hometown and county.  Your response should also build from the observations seen in the assigned reading for Week 10 and Week 11.

This blog post is due Saturday night – 11:59 pm.  This blog post should be between 400 and 480 words in length and must detail your own campaign strategy.  As always, proper grammar is important.  Blog posts should not be Microsoft Word attachments.  Discussion Blog posts are worth 10 points each (see syllabus for more details).

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