Emergency management

Assignment 2


identify a shortfall, or a deficiency, in the overall emergency management plan that you have selected.

Perhaps the jurisdiction does not address the issue of aquifer protection or does not address the issue of cyber-security at all. Or, it can be any other issue that you find to be relevant in terms of needed more analysis, or elaboration, to make the jurisdictional emergency management plan, which you have selected, more complete or enhanced in some manner.

Or, perhaps the jurisdictional emergency plan does address one of these, or another topic, but needs elaboration on that topic in your estimation.

Either way, the student should focus on one area of improvement, needed by the jurisdictional emergency plan being reviewed by the student, and the Basic Plan will be an elaboration on this deficiency or area of the plan that is missing altogether from the jurisdictional plan being reviewed.


The Outline students should use for this assignment is as follows:

·                     Purpose Statement (elaborate upon the hazard or risk that you have determined needs more analysis preparation from the review of the selected emergency management document)

·                     Scope of the Threat or Hazard

·                     Situation Overview

·                     Planning Assumptions



This section of the paper should be 5 to 7 pages in length

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