English 105: Presentations

As you work on your final paper for this class, you will be developing a 3-4 minute presentation that you will give to the class during Week 14.  This presentation will be a discussion of your process and evaluation for ONE of your sources used in Paper Three.


For your presentation, you should take us through your process of finding and evaluating one of the three sources you are discussing in Paper Three (your Annotated Bibliography). First, you should introduce your topic and explain how you chose it and why you feel it is important. Then, you should show us your chosen source and offer a brief summary before discussing its positive and negative qualities. Tell us how and where you located the source. You may also choose to explain any issues or problems you faced while working on Paper Three.


Everyone should be prepared to present by the start of Week 14. We will operate on a volunteer basis, but if no one is volunteering, I will call on students to present. If you are called to present and are unprepared to go that day, you may go on a later day, but you will have a ten-point deduction from your final score.

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