English Paper 6


Required Resources




  • Shange, N. (1997). For colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf. New York, NY: Scribner.
    Reprinted by the permission of Russell & Volkening as agents for the author. Copyright 1993 by Ntozake Shange.


Note: All of the poems listed above are also available as audio recordings, located under Media in this week’s Learning Resources.



Final Reflection


Throughout this course, you have explored the use of various forms of literature to understand areas of women’s life experience. Consider how each author achieved a piece of a social change vision through her work. Looking at the topics and literature collectively, how will you regard women’s literature after this course has ended? Are you eager to explore the works of a particular author further? When reading literature in the future, you might consider intentions or outcomes related to social change.


To prepare for this Assignment:


  • Consider the form and style of the literature you have been exposed to throughout this course.
  • Review literary techniques in the “Glossary of Terms and Techniques for Literature and Creative Writing” document, located in this week’s Learning Resources. What techniques have been particularly appealing to you as a reader?
  • Review assignments throughout this course. What insights have you gained from the readings, the Discussions, and the Assignments with regard to women’s literature and social change? What resonated deeply and why?


The Assignment:


Write a literary piece in a form used in this course (essay, personal narrative, short story, poem, song lyrics) that summarizes your learning from the readings, research, Assignments, and Discussion activities in this course. Address the following items in your work:


  • In light of the resources you have been exposed to throughout this course, in what ways is women’s literature important to efforts for social change?
  • Consider why the medium of literature will continue to be important for women to express social issues and concerns. What future trends do you foresee in women’s literature?
  • Include three new insights you gained from this course.


The Reflection must be a substantive piece of literature 1–2 pages in length.




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