ethical factors that should be taken into consideration are knowledge, values, morals, goals, legality and personality.

Common biases are unconscious feelings or differences in how we feel and can directly affect our decision making abilities we have in the workplace. We must have self-awareness of our own feelings because it could be shown through our actions, decision making and interaction with coworkers at work. These biases could both directly and indirectly have negative effects on the team and how the project operates.
2.      Common biases can cause issues in the work place because people tend to find their clicks or common interests. If you agree to an extent or find common ground with employees you can rally and sometimes this can create a negative atmosphere within the workplace. Bounded awareness means that critical information is overseen or not seen as important at the time. Emotions and motivation can affect the decision-making process in several different ways, if expressed incorrectly.
3.      I believe the ethical factors that should be taken into consideration are knowledge, values, morals, goals, legality and personality. We have experience and know what works and what doesn’t, we should take pride in the completed product of our work. We should never do anything that goes against our moral code. If it is illegal, why risk our lifetime of freedom for a short-term goal.
4.      I believe multi-national corporations should be adjusted for the diverse cultures the organization works within because there are so many different industries and ways we could be doing things. If the business is primarily located in France but has a sub location in the US, are they forced to adhere to all US laws? For the most part, yes. They must abide by several of our safety laws and make sure they change some of their operating techniques to satisfy the US customs or OSHA standards for instance. Their standards of operating has to change to slightly adhere or satisfy safety standards that may not be required there. Slight ethical differences.

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