Existentialism in 20th Century assignment help

I done First two part also done last part but i need to do week 6 draft paper completed 

Please do according to my thesis in week 3 document 

I done my draft but its not complete.

I need introduction and other explanation according to my thesis 

In week 6 document you can see my paper 

It should be

The project for this course should be a 5-7 page double spaced documented and cited essay on one of the topics listed below. At least three academic quality sources should be used in writing the essay. Be sure to follow the APA style as you write the essay.

End of Week 2 – Turn in an annotated bibliography of at least 4 academic quality sources. The bibliography must be composed in APA format. The annotations should be 2-3 sentences in length and briefly explain the content of the source as it relates to the topic of the paper.

End of Week 3 – Turn in an outline which details the topics/subtopics of the paragraphs. Please include your annotated bibliography and note in the outline where you plan to use your sources by noting the name of the author. You can turn in a partial or whole draft of the essay (with source citations) in lieu of the outline, but if submitting a partial draft “fill in” the structure of the paper with an outline of the remaining topics to be drafted.

End of Week 6 – Post the final draft of the essay

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