Explain How The Philosophical Tenets Of Existentialism Manifest In 20th Century Fine Arts

1-Explain how the philosophical tenets of existentialism manifest in 20th century fine arts. Identify one or more reasons and then provide at least one example of a work of art that demonstrates the influence of existentialist thought on a work of art.

2-Describe the themes in contemporary fine arts and the humanities that influenced representations of self-expression in 20th or early 21st century  music and dance.

3-Analyze the ways in which WWII influenced the School of Paris. Use at least one example of a work of art as a basis for your analysis.

4-Define Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie style of architecture and analyze how the architectural features reflect the artistic intention of the style. How did Wright’s approach to architecture compare to the approach of other modern artists?

5-Describe at least one predominant theme in the fine arts that was presented in the course. Analyze the importance of this theme for the humanities and give at least one example of a work of art that represents the theme.

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