Gender & Tech


-Use the design justice principles linked above to start to make the decision: what would your own tech design justice framework look like if you were creating it? Your framework should 1) have five principles and 2) you need to be able to describe why you find each of your chosen principles to be important to achieving design justice.

-Use a tool like (Links to an external site.) or (Links to an external site.) to create an infographic/poster that displays your principles and also includes a brief statement (1-2 sentences) describing why each principle is essential to your framework. Your design justice principles should have a name/title.

You should also submit a document elaborating on why you included each principle and how you made the decision to exclude others. What stood out to you in reviewing the frameworks that were provided? What surprised you about this process? What did you struggle with? If you referenced any other tech design justice frameworks or documents, please cite them in this document.

Please remember/notice as you read the project instructions that the unit 2 process reflection is a larger portion of this project than it was in the Unit 1 project. Τhis is so I can fully see how your understanding of the Unit 2 materials have contributed to your project.


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