write a reflection paper related SARPH program (research it online), explain how it has helped many pharmacists that have become addicted to drugs due to various issues. Please do not cite it, use online sources as references but do not cite.Here is the main site
Follow the following instructions
Please prepare and submit a personal reflection relative to SARPH. Personal reflections will be reviewed to assure they incorporate the fundamental precepts of ‘What?, So What?, Now What?.
The What? So What? Now What? Model of reflection should be utilized. A true reflection contains three components:
• a descriptive component in which the events are described
• an examination component in which the event(s) are explored and feelings/reactions are discussed
• a contemplative, planning component where plans are made for future encounters.
The questions listed under each of the three categories below may help get you started on making reflective entries as you think about your experiences. Do not try to answer every question. Choose the questions that have the most relevance to your experience. Better yet – come up with questions of your own.

What? (Describe)
• Describe your experience. What did you do there?
• With whom did you interact?
• What did the team members / mentor /presenter(s) do? What were their roles?
• What did the meeting place look like? Sound like? Smell like? Size? Condition?
• What did the patients/clients look like? What did the staff look like?
• What was said?
• What were the activities? Who participated? Who did not?
• What are the most significant event(s) that took place?
• What were the interactions between the staff and patients/clients?
• What problems arose? What successes did you have?

So What? (Examine)
• What motivates the team members/ mentor/presenter(s)?
• How did you feel about your experiences? What was the best thing that happened? The worst?
• Were you offended by anything? Were you puzzled by anything that happened? What lifted your spirits? In what did you take the most pride?
• How did you respond internally to the setting? How did you respond to the mentor’s/ presenter’s appearance? To their behavior?
• What past memories were evoked by your site experiences?
• Was there one person who stands out in your memory?

• Were your feelings at the visit appropriate? What values were important in what took place? Yours? Others?
• Were there any moments of failure, success, indecision, doubt, humor, frustration, happiness, or sadness?
• Why did events at the visit happen the way they did? What could have been done differently or better? What could have been said or done to improve the situation?
• Were there any skills or knowledge you lacked? How can you get the needed skills? Has your experience complemented or contrasted with what you are learning in class?
• Did you change or grow as a result of your experience? What did you learn about yourself? Do you have more/less understanding or empathy than you did before?
• How would you feel if you were the mentor/presenter?

Now What? (Contemplate & Plan)
• Based on your experiences to date, what is your plan for the future?
• What insights did you gain that might assist you in your career? Is there something new and creative you will try to improve your performance?
• Do you need to do any reading or research? How can you make related interactions more productive?
• What will you do about biases and prejudices that limit your effectiveness?
• What skills will you practice? What will you do to improve communication skills?
• What is the connection of this experience to your future? What impact does this experience have on your everyday life? Will your experiences change the way you act or think in the future as a pharmacist?
• In what ways, if any, has your sense of self, your values, your sense of “community”, and your self-confidence/self-esteem been impacted or altered through this experience?
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