Homer and The Iliad


Homer Assignment I: The Iliad
Write a one-page report on Homer and the Iliad. Be sure to include a

synopsis of the literary piece.

Because you are required to use an outside source for this report, you must cite appropriately. Please use MLA citations for this report.

You will use only one source besides the textbook that we use for this class. The other source that you use must come directly from the library. That doesn’t mean that you have to physically go to the library. There is a library link in this course, or you may access the library directly from Coahoma’s website.

Sites such as Sparknotes, Cliffnotes, Wikipedia, etc. are not acceptable. Any assignment submitted using similar sites will receive a grade of ZERO, no discussion or question will follow.

The report must be written in your own words and not plagiarize (to plagiarize is to copy and past words from sources as if those words are yours). A plagiarized assignment will also receive an automatic zero with no resubmit, so please write the report in your own words. Direct quotes must be handled properly with correct citations, and you must include a formal Works Cited page. Your submission will contain two pages: the report and the Works Cited page. 

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