Hospitality Restaurant And Hotels.

I have to write four pages of paper creating a Mini hotel with restaurant inside.

The professor said that it could be something similar to Airbnb. So pretend that I have a duplex house in front of the beach in Cancun Mexico. I have three master bedrooms (2 People in Each bedroons)  each one has your own Bathroon with shower. The tourist has full access to The house, including the kitchen. My husband and I is going to be cooking only breakfast and lunch( Mexican food ) V it wants could ery simple food. But we have beers and wine to offer as a extra charge, also coffees and T and cookies and snacks. We are going to be providing towels and Sheets and blanks all that is necessary for the bathrooms . Whatever else like shampoo conditioner they guest need to have they own. 

So in this paper please be creative, Think about everything that you could do to create a your duplex home in to Airbnb, in Front off the beach in Isla de Las Mujeres , Cancun.

I will be providing some photos for you to have idea. 

Total 4 pages not counting with the cover and references.

APA format, by 12/11/2015


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