How is the desired performance related to the current performance?

Instruction: Complete a Needs Assessment by submitting a 2-4 page paper discussing the client’s needs with relation to the management problem you are studying.
Please use the attached paper as a reference to the management problem.
Some questions you can explore to help you are:

  • What is the problem?
  • How is the desired performance related to the current performance?
  • How does the desired performance relate to the mission statement?
  • Is the problem organization-wide or isolated to one or a few individuals?
  • Have organizational initiatives created the problem?
  • Does the problem relate to individual performance issues?
  • Is training adequate to support the desired outcome?
  • Is the issue related to job design?
  • What criteria are used to measure performance?
  • Is performance criteria appropriate, i.e. attainable and measurable?

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