HRMN 367 Assignment Solutions- GLOBE Assignment: Part 1

GLOBE Assignment: Part 1 – Globe Table (15 points)  

Create a table that compares two societal cultures on the nine dimensions of culture identified in the GLOBE Project. Your primary source should be the GLOBE Project. Additional resources are shown below and can also be found under the Course Content.

Additional resources for the GLOBE assignment:

(This will be your main resource. Click the link and go to “Instruments & Data” on the left side of the screen.)

Other resources you may use:

Format: Your table should have three columns, one with the nine dimensions, one with the first country, and one with the second country. You should have a title page with the title of your assignment, your name, the course name/number, and the date. Your references should be listed at the end of table in APA style. You should use a black 12 point Times New Roman font.

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