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Written Assignment 1

The purpose of this assignment is to explore an assigned topic from the first three weeks of the term in greater depth and to help students analyze content logically through the use of journal articles.


  1. Select an article from academic journals, industry or business magazines, or association Web sites that is not older than two years to the present date. It should be on one of the following topics,
  • The HRM Environment
  • Trends and Influences in HRM
  • Challenges in HRM
  • HRM as a Strategic Partner
  • Current Labor Trends
  1. Provide the complete APA reference, using in-text citations correctly.
  2. Address the following questions:
  • The main purpose of this article is __________
  • The key question that the author (s) is addressing is __________
  • The most important information in this article is __________
  • The main point(s) of view presented in this article is (are) _____________
  • The key concept(s) we need to understand in this article is (are) ________
  • The main conclusions in the article are __________

Note: Requirements for all Writing Assignments include,

  • Cover Page with Name, Date, and Title of Assignment
  • Use headings to separate the sections of the paper
    • In this particular assignment, use the questions above as headings
  • The paper is expected to be between 3-4 pages
  • Page numbers
  • Double-spacing
  • Times New Roman, size 12
  • In-text citations to sources in APA style
  • Reference page using APA style
  • Select two additional sources to support your discussion and review of the main article; clearly identify the main article


Criteria 1







Addresses current themes, issues, challenges in organizations that relate to the HRM environment, trends, influences, challenges, current labor trends or addresses HRM as a strategic partner

Effectively addresses the main topic, most important information, as well as the main conclusion of the article. Makes strong, logical connections. 

Addresses the main topic, key questions, most important information and key concepts, as well as the main conclusion of the article; however, makes some indistinct or incomplete connections regarding relevance and workplace connections

Identifies some of the key issues or potential problems; elements of the article are missing or inappropriately identified.

The topic is loosely connected; linkages not made; fails to identify relevance.



Criteria 2







Addresses the challenges of determining solutions in HRM and the specific impact of the topic on leadership, management, problem-solving, and decision-making

Effectively addresses the key questions and the key concepts and incorporates them into the article review discussion.  Associated with impact on management, problem-solving, and decision-making. Makes strong, logical connections.

Addresses the key questions and the key concepts and incorporates into topic; however, incompletely.  Somewhat associated with impact on HRM. Makes some logical connections

Identifies and addresses some of the key questions and the key concepts; however, does not incorporate into the topic.  Weak association with impact on HRM. Logical connections are weak. 

Does not effectively addresses the key questions and the key concepts or incorporate them into topic.  The issues are not associated with the possible impact on HRM. Does not make logical connections. 



Criteria 3







Content, Conclusions and recommendations are  supported by fact-based research

Conclusions and recommendations are effectively supported by facts from author’s research.  Appropriate paraphrasing and quotations enhance the presentation or material.

Much content and conclusions are supported by the research, however, on occasion, the author has presented facts or opinions not substantiated by his/her research.

While some citations reflect incorporation of research facts, the paper does not show sufficient fact-based research to support the author’s conclusions. 

Little or no fact-based research is cited within the paper.  It is unclear whether the statements made are the author’s opinions or facts.



Criteria 4







Proper development of concepts/themes presented in the paper’s organization



Concepts and themes are fully developed and presented in a logical, well-flowing organization.  Reader can easily follow the author’s logic and flow.

Concepts and themes are presented well and usually well-developed.  While overall well-organized, at times the writing forces the reader to determine the author’s train of thought.

Paper is inconsistent in the presentation of cohesive concepts and themes.  Consistent organization is lacking causing the reader to have difficulty in following the author’s train of thought.

Concepts and themes are not fully developed or presented in a cohesive manner.  Paper lacks a sense of organization or plan to the presentation of ideas.

Article Review fails to develop and present concepts and themes in an organized manner.  Paper has omitted several components of the assignment.



Criteria 5







Use of current and relevant sources, citation and mechanics.

Accurate use of APA style for in-text citations and References

The author has identified and selected a minimum of three very appropriate and current resources from which to identify and develop recommendation.

The author has identified and selected at least two sources that are appropriate for this assignment.

The author has identified and selected one source that is commercial rather than academic or from a business sources such as vendor Web sites. 

The author has not identified or selected an article that is appropriate; it is commercial rather than academic or from a business sources such as vendor Web sites. 




The paper correctly cites in-text and lists resources on the References page.  If additional sources are used, they are included correctly.

The majority of in-text citations and the reference are properly cited; formatting is inconsistent / inaccurate in a few cases.

References are cited but incorrectly under APA style. The student has either used another format or incorrectly applied the APA style guidelines.

Inconsistent or missing in-text citations; fails to attribute an author’s word through APA citations. 







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