Informal Proposal Ch 11

Informal Proposal – Value 10% 


Propose and justify a new policy requiring all employees take part in mandatory in-house training in applied communication skills.


Once again, write from the standpoint of a supervisor sending a message to staff members working under your authority.  

Propose and justify the need for a day-long mandatory workplace-based staff training session in three or four applied communication skills.  This training is to be held annually and arises from several recent workplace problems that cost your organization time and money.  The desired communication skill improvements you propose are broadly defined and might include: precise writing; effective speaking; non-verbal communication; active listening; building rapport; identifying and avoiding fallacies; assertiveness; communicating with difficult people; or cross-cultural communication.  List your choice of specific skills by including those you feel might personally benefit you the most.  Try to make the training sounds engaging and worthwhile.  

Limit the content to one page and 250-300 words.  Use a PDF document and present the information in a format ideal for a notice board or even a poster – include a clear heading. 

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