International Marketing Management



The overall objective of the assignment is to show an understanding of the impact of culture and other macro factors on advertising, as well as insight into market attractiveness and entry.  


The key to achieving a good mark is firstly undertaking a thorough search of the literature (on the over 65’s market, chocolate and Brazil in particular). Secondly, being able to evaluate what are the key points and providing well evidenced justifications for your points/recommendations.




You are employed by a marketing agency who has recently been asked by a global chocolate manufacturer to work with them on the launch of a chocolate bar. The chocolate is good quality, dark chocolate and weighs 150g. The chocolate is to be launched in South America and will be particularly targeted at the over 65’s.


You are required to produce 12 slides with explanatory notes covering the following areas of concern:


 Part 1




1.The company is aware that global marketing is changing particularly for the over 65’s market, why is this and how should this be incorporated in their marketing.   


In this section you should not discuss Brazil or chocolate. The discussion should be keep at a high level, as you are invited to discuss the macro factors worldwide which have changed for this segment, this could be done in part by using a PESTLE analysis. More simplistic answers will use these headings; more sophisticated ones will put the PESTLE analysis in the appendix and only refer to the key points under a sub heading such as Macro-environmental Analysis of Over 65’s Market. You will probably only be able to identify a few key trends, and then need to acknowledge that these will not apply to every country in the world. Once you have identified the key issues which have changed for this market, you need to demonstrate that you understand why these changes have happened and then go on to suggest how this information could be applied by the company in their marketing. Have a look back through the indicative content of the unit in the unit guide as a checklist to see what you should be considering under ‘their marketing’ eg brand, promotion etc.



Analysis of major changes in over 65’s market within global marketing.

Blurring of age group

Segmentation on consumer needs/wants rather than age

Increased disposal income

Over 65-aged market attractiveness

Increase technology use, advances internet advertising  


Part 2



2.The company has been successful in Portugal in the recent past. Should the company adopt the same brand for South America or differentiate according to the country. 


This is the most theoretical part where you need to show you understand the debate about standardisation and adaption of brands. In order to answer this you will need to know the differences between Portugal and Brazil, particularly any similarities or differences in culture, but also there may be different laws and differences in how the product is used.. You only need to discuss Brazil in general terms as this country is the focus of part 3.



Standardised advertising vs local advertising adapting in South America.

Analysis of main cultural and advertising differences and similarities between Portugal and South America 

Recommendations on pattern advertising strategy for South America 



Part 3


3.The company is thinking of entering the Brazilian market first. Advise whether this is an appropriate strategy. 


An in depth analysis of Brazil is required here, bearing in mind the product and the target market.  We will discuss during the course the Four Risk Matrix and the BERI index as possible ways of undertaking a preliminary screening. As the BERI index includes subjective judgments, then as much as possible you need to justify your scores with supporting information in the appendices. However, the BERI index examines only global factors, and not industry-specific ones. You could complete a Porters Five Forces analysis to assist with this.


The decision on market entry to Brazil could be ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘not yet’. Each of these needs to be fully justified based on your analysis above. If your answer is ‘yes’ the next step is to decide on an entry mode. This means you have to know the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods in order to choose an appropriate one (Hollensen provides good summaries of these), bearing in mind the product and target market again. You also need to bear in mind that the entry mode often determines the method of distribution as well. 



Risk in Brazilian market

Market attractiveness of global manufactures chocolate bar in Brazil 

Competition global chocolate bar in Brazil 

Entry method recommendation for launching global chocolate bar in Brazil  





3a.If you consider Brazil to be an appropriate market, advise the company on the optimum entry mode.  




3b.Suggest another international market that the company should consider based on some preliminary research

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