Introduce Yourself: Practice Discussion Post

Introduce Yourself: Practice Discussion Post

Your post due by:  Thursday, April 1

Your two replies due by:  Monday, April 5

Before beginning this assignment:

  • Make sure you have read the Discussion Board page in the Course Introduction module. 
  • If you are new to online classes, you should also watch the Discussion demo video in the Intro to Online Learning module.
  • Additionally, you should have already watched the Food, Inc. film trailer. You can find the link on the Instructor Insight in the Week 1 module.
    • Note: You won’t see the Week 1 module until you complete the quiz at the end of the Course Intro module.
  • Also, you will have want to have read the NPR article “How to Make the Most of Online College . . .”
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This week’s first discussion question is designed to get everyone acquainted with each other and some basic themes of food politics. Additionally, this post will give you some practice posting and responding on the Discussion Board.

This first discussion will be graded only on completion, but participation in this discussion counts as your attendance for the first week of class.

Once you move into actual class material, discussion questions will require more time and depth. These questions and responses will be graded on a point system. Be sure to carefully read the directions for each discussion question as they will vary from week to week.

Posting your class introduction:

  • Please introduce yourself to the class by sharing a few details about yourself: where you are from, your major, favorite foods, hobbies . . .
  • Write a brief response to the Food, Inc. movie trailer. If you haven’t watched the film trailer yet, go to the Instructor Insight for the film trailer in the Week 1 module.
  • As PCC is still all online due to Covid, let’s close our posts with a check-in about some strategies and ideas you have for a successful online winter term: Referring to the NPR article, “How to Make the Most of Online College. . . ,” list 2-3 ideas from the article that you found useful and might try out this term.

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