Iris Module-Accommodations

Go to the IRIS Center to view the Module, Accommodations: Instructional and Testing Supports for Students with Disabilities

Using the information from the of the module and information provided in class, Submit your responses to the following question into the Dropbox by 10/19. Include in-text citations and reference to support your information.

Mrs. Watkins, a sixth-grade science teacher, typically lectures using PowerPoint while students take notes. She assigns her students to read and answer questions from the textbook, and requires them to conduct lab experiments by following written procedures. She assesses her students using written tests. A student in her classroom has a learning disability and reads at a third-grade level. Based on what you know about Mrs. Watkins class:

List at least three areas where this student might experience difficulty in her classroom.

Suggest at least four types of information that Mrs. Watkins can share in an upcoming IEP meeting to help identify appropriate accommodations.

Provide at least two presentation accommodations. Explain how these accommodations might help.

Provide at least two response accommodations. Explain how these accommodations might help.

Based on the presentation and responses accommodations recommended above, what tips might be helpful for Mrs. Watkins to maximize her student’s success?

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