Iris Module-Dual Language Learners with Disabilities

Directions for Dual Language Learners Assignment

Go to the IRIS Center to view the Module Dual Language Learners with Disabilities: Supporting Young Children in the Classroom

Using the information from the of the module, submit your responses to the following question into the Dropbox by 2/2 at 11:30 PM

Include in-text citations and reference to support your work.


With the information from the IRIS module, imagine you are Mrs. Raymond. What thoughts come to mind about the new school year?

  • What do teachers need to know about young dual language learners with disabilities?
  • What are some unique issues related to working with families of these children?
  • What strategies can teachers use to support these children?
  • Offer two solutions and/or practical implications for your own classroom practice based on what you have learned from this module.


Discussion posts and assignment submissions should be supported with in-text and appropriate references in appropriate style (either APA or MLA).


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