jornal 1 & 2


  • I have an assignment in technical writting class.  read the instructions below:


    Read Chapter 1: “Communicating in the Technical Workplace” 

    Journal #1: Write a 200+ word journal on what you have read in Chapter 1

  • Read Chapter 2: “Readers & Contexts of Use”

  • Journal #2: Write a 200+ word journal on what you have read in Chapter 2. 



    1. Journals:

      Content. You will submit journal entries on assigned reading material (i.e., from your book). Journals may be written either as (1) summaries of, (2) responses to, or (3) notes from the reading material (or any combination of the three). There is no right or wrong answer for these journal entries. If you write a summary, highlight key points in the reading and address them. If you respond to the material, clearly indicate what you are responding to in the text. If you take notes, you may use lists, bullets, etc.

      Requirements. Journals are pass/fail. There is no partial credit. The journals may be hand-written (legibly) or typed (double-spaced or single-spaced). For chapter assignments, journals must be a minimum of 200 words. If you fail to meet the minimum length, it will result in no credit (even if the journal is 195 words). 


      attached is the book. I need it in 10 hours no more this

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